From inspiration to cake


Ever wonder how a cake gets designed? Who makes the final call on  cake design or theme? How does it all work? Here's a little insight with a recent cake I created! Sometimes you meet with a client and they have lots of pictures of what they'd like, and it's easy to compile and create a cake sketch based on all their ideas and wishes. Other times you just get a few pointers and free rein. This can either be exhilarating and the best thing since sliced bread or a major case of writers block. It really depends on whether you enjoy the subject. When the subject is cake design being inspired is definitely key! For this cake I asked the client what she liked and she said: PURPLE!  (I need to admit that purple is probably one of my least favourite colours - shocking to some, I know - but deal with it,  I'm a aqua- seafoam/pink/white/gold fan, I also can't choose any specific favourite).  Since PURPLE doesn't really steer me down one specific path for a sixteen year olds cake, I … [Read more...]

How do I say this gently… and other things you need to know ordering a cake…

ombre sliced cake

This cake related blog post has been brewing for a LOOONNNG time. The real reason I've never written it is because part of me doesn't even know where to begin, sometimes it feels like a rant, other times it's more like a "help-desk" for ordering custom cakes.. and sometimes it's just plain facts!  So now that I'm a multi-tasking mom of three who runs a cake-shop from home, I'm just gonna roll it all in together. 'Cause that's just how we roll around here... (this should read, "I really only get done the bare necessities and my hubby is a rock-star"). SO here we go: 1. Custom cakes take a lot of time. Yes, (you roll your eyes, you KNEW that), but really they do. We have first learn the trade which has a crazy long learning curve and there's always something new to tackle.  There have been countless articles written on this fact alone, normally circulated among bakers/cakers, so I won't bore you with my randition. But time = money. Period.  And custom things take a lot of time and … [Read more...]

Mini Succulent Tutorial!

image 2

It was an A-ha moment like no other... I was thinking about succulents and how much I love them, but wanted teeny tiny ones... the cutters I normally use to make them seemed too large and so I casually opened my drawer organized  jam packed with molds... Then.... I saw it. My rose mold. (Ok fine, I actually have two, and I'm not sure why - but they come in handy!) I gave one a try with a little piece of green fondant and SHABHAM!  There she was, a perfect little mini succulent waiting to be dusted and edged! And who doesn't love a little tutorial??? So here we go! It's so easy you'll love creating these little guys to pop on cupcakes and cookies and cakes! You will need: A rose mold - I like this one because it has different shapes and sizes, not all the roses look identical. A chunk of fondant - the one in the picture is a little bright for me, but normally I use something slightly paler Dusting colours (Dark Green, Light Green and a grey/bluey colour, grey - … [Read more...]

Wild and Free


I was thrilled when Bruna from Simply Lace Photography asked me to create a sweets table for her little guy turning two! She sent me some inspiration images and her colour scheme and let me run with it... Have I mentioned how much I love it when people let me run with it??? Good things happen ;)   The cake was chocolate with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream and the top tier was strawberry with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. (yum) The marquee "2" was made from fondant with little silver dragee's tarnished with brown food colouring. SO much fun to make! The tee-pee's were made from wafer paper and edible markers and a few toothpicks! I had fun creating different designs on them and had a friend sit and put the toothpicks in while I worked on other projects! (Thanks Whitney ;) )     But my pride and JOY were the little succulents on the cookies...  Making them was an A-Ha! Moment... I even made a little tutorial for them (which I'll post separately) … [Read more...]

Buttercream Peony Tutorial


When this sweet little cake ended up getting so much attention, I realized it was high time I create a little tutorial for one of my MOST favourite flowers. The peony... Oooo the peony.. so elegant, so fluffy, romantic and sweet smelling, it bountifully fills the gap from the young blushing bride to a grandma tending them in her garden. They such a versatile flower to suit almost any occasion. BUT. BUT. they have such a short lifespan in the garden and in markets. I've had brides specifically plan their whole wedding date around when peonies were available. no joke. So this is the most amazing solution (not for your bouquet, it might get... sticky...) but for your cake!! Buttercream peonies.. oh sooo pretty and much tastier!   I hope you enjoy this very simple and basic little tutorial. If there is a tutorial out there, it's probably better than mine, but I couldn't find any. I made this one up just by admiring the other buttercream peonies that I've seen. Without … [Read more...]

A little touch of glam


When Bruna from Simply Lace contacted us to create a very masculine but glamorous surprise Birthday sweet table, we couldn't wait to be a part of it! We created a 2 tier black and gold geometric cake based on a fun colourful design we found on pinterest and made it our own. Bottom tier was three layers of decadent chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, and the top tier a very vanilla bean cake with vanilla buttercream. The cupcakes and cookies complimented the theme with our man of the hour's monogram in an antique gold on top of mounds of creamy buttercream and sugar cookies. Bruna's quick eye for styling makes all the sweets come together perfectly. Check out Bruna's page to see the whole album and all the delightful details she captured along with this beautiful family as they celebrate a loved one.        … [Read more...]