Donut miss this party…

Alright in all honesty, we LOVE donuts, but we don’t eat them all that much… because they’re… well, DONUTS! And I know it sounds crazy, but we really try to eat as healthy as much as possible because I make cake. I realize that’s an obvious statement, but when have that much sweet in the house – all.the.time-  you NEED to make the effort to be healthy.


My oldest had her seventh birthday approaching (the birthday was only FIVE months away, so planning the details was high on the list of priorities (insert eye roll here). We went through a number of options but with a little gentle shoving nudge I got her to pick DONUT, because why not?!?!?!  (I’d always wanted to make a donut cake!) We planned on having her party at a local pottery painting place which makes the party planning soooo easy. All we needed to do was show up with food and decorations!! And cake. of course CAKE…

The kids “helped” me make the decor before. Which really should read, started helping me colour in everything and then after about, oh five, minutes bailed to do something else. Awesome. But honestly it was fun to create it all. I should say that they did really enjoy making the invitations (not shown) with handmade coloured donuts that said “Donut Miss Kiara’s Party!”

They did also help put everything up and welcomed all the guest with our photobooth wall. They all had a great time!


IMG_7488 IMG_7489 IMG_7490 IMG_7492 IMG_7497 IMG_7498


IMG_7505 (2)


IMG_7507 IMG_7508 IMG_7509 IMG_7516





A few amazing vendors that made this party possible!!

Donuts: G&D Baking Co. (Thanks Rebecca!!! They were awesome!)

Venue: Crock a doodle – Aurora

Cake, Cookies & Decor : The Cocoa Cakery



Here are our pieces that we collected after the party!!  They even made her special birthday plate look like donuts! Now THAT’s customer service =)






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