How to order a wedding cake!

You’re wearing a gorgeous ring, the dress has been bought, venue booked, the planner has her list and now the crowning glory… your wedding cake!

It might not be the first thing you booked, but it’s a key element to completing a polished wedding look, will wow your guests and create a beautiful centrepiece in your reception.

But how do you go about ordering this said wedding cake filled with lucious buttercream and covered with delicate sugar flowers or adorned with hand piped designs? Chocolate or Vanilla or something exotic?

Ordering your wedding cake should be a FUN and delicious experience! Here my top tips to get the wedding cake of your dreams and within budget.

1. Book a consultation for your wedding cake about half-way through your planning. Designing the cake too early with your cake artist means that you don’t have all the pieces yet (maybe invitations haven’t been finalized, florals are undecided, dress appointments to be had) and designing a wedding cake works best when all the pieces are generally decided on. Ordering halfway through, means you typically have about 6 months before your event and your favourite cake artist will HOPEFULLY still be available. IF you’re getting married in prime wedding season, you might want to check that date about 9-12 months from your wedding date.

2. Be inspired and inspire! Your cake artist will be inspired when they see all of beautiful things you’ve chose for your special day. Whether it’s a pinterest board, a well organized wedding 922A1628copybook, an invitation or your wedding dress, bring images that will give a jumping off point to create that perfect wedding cake. What inspires you about your wedding design will in turn inspire your cake artist! The wedding cake is a perfect place to pull together the colours and designs of your wedding. The intricate hand drawn florals on your invitation, the colours of the bridesmaids boquets, a pattern or fabric that can transform into a texture on a tier, will all pull together giving you a beautiful unique wedding cake.

3. Eat~ Let them eat cake! Wedding cakes no longer have to be dry dreaded fruit cake. Eeek… Nope, no longer. You can now fill them with delicious coffee chocolate cake and Baileys buttercream, or a moist lemon cake with vanilla bean swiss meringue buttercream.  Pick different flavours for different tiers to give your guests ample choices and have fun! Create unique combinations of cake and buttercreams to compliment that signature wedding drink you pinned! Your cake artist should give you a variety to choose from and help you pick flavours that best suit your tastes and style of wedding. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard “well it looked gorgeous, but did it TASTE good?” the cocoa cakery can very happily say “YES!!!” Testing your cake artists fares are always key and having them at different events is also a great way to ensure you’ve picked the right vendor.

4. Cake Costs.  This should be one of the first steps. Decide your general budget and then check to see if it falls into line with what’s a common wedding cake cost in your area. If you’re not familiar with ordering custom cakes, you might need to ask around to get a feel of the general price. Ask friends what they paid and if they were happy with the product they received for that price. Remember there’s always someone willing to do it cheaper, but at what cost?  A google of “sliding wedding cakes” will tell you the answer of that one! You don’t need to blow the budget, but knowing how much you’d like to spend for how many guests, will help you and your cake artist get off to a good start.  If you want more information about this, check out a blog post I wrote about cake pricing here.

5. Make it official. You’ve met with your favourite cake artist, you’ve eaten your samples, you’ve designed your dream wedding cake and now you need to book it. Typically only after you’ve put down a deposit will you get your contract and design sketch of your cake.  Find out what works best for your cake artist and make the deposit, read over the contract (a contract protects both you and the cake artist) and ask about any further details. Make sure you put a date on those “TBD” items like which flavours where, and what time the ceremony and reception are at. As many details as possible into that contract will help you both. If you have a wedding planner, having them at the consult and review the contract is an excellent idea. Booking your wedding cake will mark one more thing off your list, sweeten the day and ensure that you secured the right vendor for the job.

I hope that helps!

Designing and ordering your wedding cake is a fun and exciting experience, so have fun with it!

If you’d like to book a free consult and enjoy some delicious cupcakes while talking about your dream day, give us a shout. We can’t wait to design with you!


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