Mini Succulent Tutorial!

It was an A-ha moment like no other… I was thinking about succulents and how much I love them, but wanted teeny tiny ones… the cutters I normally use to make them seemed too large and so I casually opened my drawer organized¬† jam packed with molds… Then…. I saw it. My rose mold. (Ok fine, I actually have two, and I’m not sure why – but they come in handy!)

I gave one a try with a little piece of green fondant and SHABHAM!  There she was, a perfect little mini succulent waiting to be dusted and edged!

And who doesn’t love a little tutorial??? So here we go!

It’s so easy you’ll love creating these little guys to pop on cupcakes and cookies and cakes!

You will need:

  • A rose mold – I like this one because it has different shapes and sizes, not all the roses look identical.
  • A chunk of fondant – the one in the picture is a little bright for me, but normally I use something slightly paler
  • Dusting colours (Dark Green, Light Green and a grey/bluey colour, grey – whatever succulent colours you like!)
  • Soft small brush
  • Paper towel for colour dusts
  • Edible markers (OR red or purple gel paste and an extra brush)

image 1

Push a small amount into your mold and then set it out to dry for a few minutes – I typically make them all first and then move onto the next step.

image 2

Set out your colours on your paper towel and start dusting! This is always a bit of trial and error, keep dusting till your happy with the colours!

image 3

Now that it’s dusted, take your edible marker and using the side of it quickly move it over the ridges of the “rose” to darken the peaks of the succulent petals. You can also use a dry brush method for this with gel paste. Use a very small amount of gel paste at the end of your dry brush and quickly and lightly run it over the edges of the petals.

If you’ve done a little too much or it’s too dark, you can always go back again with a bit of dust to lighten it.

image 4

Adhere to a cookie with a bit of edible glue or buttercream. Or onto whatever creation you’re making!! Enjoy!


image 5

I love the shape of the succulents against this cookie shape and how they all fit together. Patterns make me happy!

image 6


Here’s a little pictogram of the tutorial to share on Facebook or Instagram if you’d like!

Show me what you make I’d love to see it!



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