Pretty in Pink, Mint & Gold

It’s hard to pin-point how Niki and I “met”… most likely it was through the rabbit hole of social media but she quickly became a regular client and even attended my Christmas cookie workshop. Busy owner of a delicous local restaurant (Urban Pantry) Niki barely had time to get her wedding organized. When we met for her consult with Frank, we were flying in a million different directions. But once she decided on her design and inspiration, the wedding came together so beautifully you’d think she’d had every detail planned for years.

Before the wedding even came together, I also had the privilege of creating Niki’s bridal shower goodies! The gorgeous florals on this naked cake were created by gatherings floral studio

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Here’s a little selection (I had such a hard time choosing) of images from their beautiful day! Photography by Matt Boyce of Xero Digital Photography.

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How gorgeous are they!?


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Beautiful calligraphy of seating chart, “here comes the bride” and mirror signage done by Doris Wai of Love Lettering. If you don’t know her, you should! Her work is gorgeous!! And just lovely!

This beautiful mirror is also available for rent from The Hartman Venue/Gallery
115-    122-

The wedding cake was four tiers in mint coloured fondant on the top two tiers, with hand piped dots, painted in gold and coral and pink dusted sugar flowers.


192- (1)Congrats to Niki & Frank on the most gorgeous day!!



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    You have watermark your photos so much that is hard to see the details.
    Not everyone is out to copy your photos or work.

    Thank you,

    • says

      Hi there!
      Sorry, it’s not intentional, it’s a program that just puts the watermark across any image that I post. It’s an automatic function and unfortunately I don’t have the technical ability to re-do each image. Thanks for your comments, I’ll see if there’s another way….

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