Ruthie’s Tea for Two Garden Party!

2017-03-03 10.48.20Ahh my baby! She’s TWO!! I feel like I just had her first birthday bash (a Parisian bash, which you can see right here), and now we’re already celebrating TWO years??? I feel like when we become mothers we get programmed with the same sayings “I think time just needs to slow down”, “How are they …. old already?” or “Where’s the pause button?”… But it’s because we really can’t even fathom how quickly they go through all of these stages and change so much.

Ruth is our youngest and my last baby, so I feel like I’m saying these things a lot, however I’m also really enjoying seeing her grow up and be able to do the things she really wants to do with her siblings. And I also am not a huge fan of the toddler phase … soooo…. part of me isn’t wishing this time would slow down, but maybe just go at a normal pace 😉

I decided it would be fun, (and was inspired by a friend who also did a similar concept) to have her party on a weekday morning with a bunch of mom friends who were home with their youngest.It created a fun mixed group of friends, not everyone knew eachother super well, but all the kids were similar in age and it was a fun chaotic morning with lots of coffees for the mom’s and fruit and mini pancakes for the kids!

I of course grabbed almost NO pictures of the everyone when they arrived, only the set-up a couple of Ruthie who was hard to get to stay still for even one picture!

My older two stayed home for the morning to “help” and play with the kids. They had a blast and we all enjoyed spending time together.

The party details!!!!

What’s a garden party with a floral looking cake??? I had seen flower pot cakes, but the flowers all seemed like they were too ‘tucked’ into the bucket. I wanted something a little more flowy feeling, so I made my cake “bucket” and then attached longer stems to the sugar flowers and added my wafer paper leaves. I was happy with it’s whimiscal feel. Actually, once it went on the table, most people didn’t realize it was the cake sitting in the middle!!!

A backdrop, created by one of my lovely brides to be (thanks Shabi!!) loaned and set-up with a floral monogram that I made for Ruth when she was born, and is usually hung in her room.

We created a little “Tea” Station with a gold occasional table and white kids chairs, everyone wanted to sit at it to have their snacks.

I added greenery around the rooms to pull it together and added some personal welcome messages and verses on the mirrors. Overall the garden theme came together beautifully!


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