Sewing a Cake!

sewing cake - stage 1

Here's the honest truth, when you're a creative, people who know you and love you send you tons of pictures they see online of inspiring projects. It's hilarious because sometimes I'll get 3 of the same picture from 3 different people all on the same day! Recently it was a sewing machine cake that was making the rounds (I've searched for the original creator to no avail :( ). Brightly coloured and with lots of fun details, it quickly landed in my in-box as a "can you make this??" Sure! I'll give it a go! I don't like to directly copy anyone's work as much as possible, so I did my own take on it. I'm including some of the steps I took to show you all how it came together! A couple notes, I knew this wasn't a large cake, so I didn't need a metal structure. If I was creating this ALL out of cake, I would probably have gone that route which would have been more stable for serving/transporting etc. However, this one lasted just fine and the family was THRILLED with it! Step one! … [Read more...]

Donut miss this party…


Alright in all honesty, we LOVE donuts, but we don't eat them all that much... because they're... well, DONUTS! And I know it sounds crazy, but we really try to eat as healthy as much as possible because I make cake. I realize that's an obvious statement, but when have that much sweet in the house - all.the.time-  you NEED to make the effort to be healthy. My oldest had her seventh birthday approaching (the birthday was only FIVE months away, so planning the details was high on the list of priorities (insert eye roll here). We went through a number of options but with a little gentle shoving nudge I got her to pick DONUT, because why not?!?!?!  (I'd always wanted to make a donut cake!) We planned on having her party at a local pottery painting place which makes the party planning soooo easy. All we needed to do was show up with food and decorations!! And cake. of course CAKE... The kids "helped" me make the decor before. Which really should read, started helping me colour in … [Read more...]

How do I say this gently… and other things you need to know ordering a cake…

ombre sliced cake

This cake related blog post has been brewing for a LOOONNNG time. The real reason I've never written it is because part of me doesn't even know where to begin, sometimes it feels like a rant, other times it's more like a "help-desk" for ordering custom cakes.. and sometimes it's just plain facts!  So now that I'm a multi-tasking mom of three who runs a cake-shop from home, I'm just gonna roll it all in together. 'Cause that's just how we roll around here... (this should read, "I really only get done the bare necessities and my hubby is a rock-star"). SO here we go: 1. Custom cakes take a lot of time. Yes, (you roll your eyes, you KNEW that), but really they do. We have first learn the trade which has a crazy long learning curve and there's always something new to tackle.  There have been countless articles written on this fact alone, normally circulated among bakers/cakers, so I won't bore you with my randition. But time = money. Period.  And custom things take a lot of time and … [Read more...]