Buttercream Peony Tutorial


When this sweet little cake ended up getting so much attention, I realized it was high time I create a little tutorial for one of my MOST favourite flowers. The peony... Oooo the peony.. so elegant, so fluffy, romantic and sweet smelling, it bountifully fills the gap from the young blushing bride to a grandma tending them in her garden. They such a versatile flower to suit almost any occasion. BUT. BUT. they have such a short lifespan in the garden and in markets. I've had brides specifically plan their whole wedding date around when peonies were available. no joke. So this is the most amazing solution (not for your bouquet, it might get... sticky...) but for your cake!! Buttercream peonies.. oh sooo pretty and much tastier!   I hope you enjoy this very simple and basic little tutorial. If there is a tutorial out there, it's probably better than mine, but I couldn't find any. I made this one up just by admiring the other buttercream peonies that I've seen. Without … [Read more...]