Welcoming our newest little addtion


She's here!!! We welcomed a sweet little girl into our family this past month. Ruth joined us on March 3rd and we couldn't be more excited! I recently posted about a clock I made for her room, and you saw parts of the gallery wall that I also did for her. We were so blessed to have Bruna from Simply Lace Photography come and do a life-style shoot with our little family, and I just got the pictures, hot off the press yesterday!!! I can't wait to share my favourites with you! We were able to arrange the shoot for only four days after she was born, so she was super fresh!!! My ONLY regret is that I found some amazing vintage furniture that we updated our family room with AFTER Bruna came (that's the part about going second-hand that sucks, you have to wait to find it!!) and so our old brown stuff is taking some of the stage... Oh well!! We'll just have to arrange something for later! ;) Here are some more shots of her bedroom - nothing compares to having a space … [Read more...]

a room in the making


I've decided after some gentle prodding from a friend, to post about more than just cake on my blog!! Many of us "cakers" fell into our profession because of other crafty habits and I'm not different! A visual artist by training, I love anything DIY or creative... and usually it stems from my compulsive hording nature to keep all these sweet little things that I think I might have a use for one day.... And yes, that day always comes.... sometimes the item has survived the waiting period, hidden in the depths of some closet, and sometimes, very very sadly, it has passed onto another life usually via the hands of my husband. It starts with a look, and he says "Christina, you've had this forever, you're not using it. You have too much stuff. Commonnnnn..... give it away"... sometimes if I'm quick enough, I can justify keeping it around, others times he wins and it goes into the give away box.... Those days aren't as sad as the day that I search for 3 hours for that item, that I … [Read more...]