The Lettuce Cake


Hey All! Father's Day has come and gone, but I thought I'd share a couple little tips on how I created my lettuce cake... And please don't hate me, but when I searched online, I saw nothing that inspired me... so I kinda just had to make it up as I went along, hence no pictures.  But I shall try to be as descriptive as possible!! I used two six inch cakes about 2-3" high each, plus one half dome (I use the small sports ball -which is about a 6" surface as well) for the top. Bake whatever flavour you wish and fill and ice all three together on your cake plate. (It'll look like a tall tower with a rounded top. See the picture at the bottom for a good sideview) Now, I used regular fondant on the top of my cake, however, I later switched to modelling chocolate for the outer leaves and WISH I had done all the leaves that way, it just holds it's shape much better for the frills of the leaves.  Here's an image of the final product.. hopefully my tips below help you create your … [Read more...]