your dream wedding cake contest

It's here!! I"ve been pondering a new contest for ... well.. ok. a VERY long time... And finally I've decided, 2015 is the year I'm giving away a WEDDING CAKE! It's my fifth year in business and I want to give back to all my amazing clients, friends & family. Want the details? Make sure to share this around so everyone gets a chance! I can't wait to see our nominations!     Who am I looking for? I am searching for brides who are shining stars; who have had to work really hard at something, who are strong and persevering, or perhaps have had hurdles in their life and came out like a champ. I’m looking for the bride who deserves this and I would love nothing more than to be a sliver of joy to her! I will find you Miss Bride, the one who moves and inspires me and touches my heart the most with your story… and give you the wedding cake of your dreams…   Either the bride herself can enter or you can nominate a bride, please see details … [Read more...]