Wedding Cake Trends for 2016


Congrats!!! That ring is sparkling, the champange still has bubbles and you've already cracked open your wedding planning book!! Of course you're going to plan all that important stuff like a venue and a photographer, but what's REALLY got you excited is CAKE. Yes.... that beautiful centerpiece in your wedding that will pull all your beautiful curated choices together. Tall and elegant, lighting the room with a soft sweet scent of butter and sugar... whether it's covered in florals or trimmed neatly in ribbon, it's you. You've made your statement in your wedding cake. What you're really wanting to know WHAT to order for your wedding cake. Heaven knows we don't want to be ordering something SO over-done, but not toooo trendy that people raise an eye-brow wondering how they'll eat it. So that's where we come in. The cake-artists, who spend precious time scouring tutorials and a million wedding websites and magazines to bring you the best for the new season of weddings. These are … [Read more...]

Summer Wedding at Waterstone Estates

burlap wedding cake - sepiatone

One of my favourite things is to get images from brides after their weddings... of course of the cake (my photo's never do it justice, plus their photographer has been hand selected to go with the feel of the day, so why wouldn't their images just be the most perfect ones?!!?) but especially of them cutting the cake and extra little details of the day... Laura's wedding cake design was based off of her invitations, and the lace pattern replicated and hand piped in royal icing. The burlap on the cake is actually edible, made to look textured from fondant. Her flowers for the day were bright and cheerful set against all the rustic woods, greens and burlap of the horse farm. So we created a variety of bright sugar flowers in little posies to adorn the cake. Laura created a space that looked perfectly placed, warm and welcoming.. and feat for someone who only saw the venue once or twice and planned everything from across the country. Well done Laura! This beautiful bride Laura and … [Read more...]