Wedding Cake Trends for 2016


Congrats!!! That ring is sparkling, the champange still has bubbles and you've already cracked open your wedding planning book!! Of course you're going to plan all that important stuff like a venue and a photographer, but what's REALLY got you excited is CAKE. Yes.... that beautiful centerpiece in your wedding that will pull all your beautiful curated choices together. Tall and elegant, lighting the room with a soft sweet scent of butter and sugar... whether it's covered in florals or trimmed neatly in ribbon, it's you. You've made your statement in your wedding cake. What you're really wanting to know WHAT to order for your wedding cake. Heaven knows we don't want to be ordering something SO over-done, but not toooo trendy that people raise an eye-brow wondering how they'll eat it. So that's where we come in. The cake-artists, who spend precious time scouring tutorials and a million wedding websites and magazines to bring you the best for the new season of weddings. These are … [Read more...]

Orchards and Apples and Coral and Mint


You know when you have something on your calendar and you just CAN'T WAIT for it to arrive? Like Christmas or your birthday? Or the perfectly combined wedding colours and design of a friend? Oh maybe that last one is just me =)  I met with Meaghan and her mom Lisa in the spring and was SOOO excited to hear all that they had planned. I was honoured to be asked to be a part of this day as Lisa is a friend of mine from my previous days in the "real working world" and we've stayed in touch over the years.  They had a stellar team of vendors on board, Rachel A Clingen Wedding Design and Violet Light for Photography, tents provided by Westway Tent Rental, Me My Chef & I for catering and of course yours truly for the cake and cupcakes! The venue was stunning, Country Apple Orchard in King City had all the charm and beauty of orchards and vineyards rolled into one, set in rolling hills and not far out of the city. When putting the cake design together Meaghan and Lisa both loved all … [Read more...]

How do I say this gently… and other things you need to know ordering a cake…

ombre sliced cake

This cake related blog post has been brewing for a LOOONNNG time. The real reason I've never written it is because part of me doesn't even know where to begin, sometimes it feels like a rant, other times it's more like a "help-desk" for ordering custom cakes.. and sometimes it's just plain facts!  So now that I'm a multi-tasking mom of three who runs a cake-shop from home, I'm just gonna roll it all in together. 'Cause that's just how we roll around here... (this should read, "I really only get done the bare necessities and my hubby is a rock-star"). SO here we go: 1. Custom cakes take a lot of time. Yes, (you roll your eyes, you KNEW that), but really they do. We have first learn the trade which has a crazy long learning curve and there's always something new to tackle.  There have been countless articles written on this fact alone, normally circulated among bakers/cakers, so I won't bore you with my randition. But time = money. Period.  And custom things take a lot of time and … [Read more...]