Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies

sugar cookies

So I was thinking, what's the BEST way to say "thank you!!!" and "Merry Christmas" to my clients and friends?? How about my FIRST video and show them how to make these infamous sugar cookies?? So I connected with Amanda from Digital Girl Consulting who was more than happy to jump on board and capture the cookie on film! (Please go check Amanda out - she's absolutely lovely to work with, knows her stuff inside and out and caught my vision immediately, plus she's kinda social media guru). These cookies are soft and thick - just the way I like my cookies! If you're looking for ways to decorate check out my instagram accounts and facebook for quick little videos on hand painting and ideas! So here it is!!! My first video (please give me grace there's a few things I'd already change about what I did for next time, but maybe there will BE a next time!!) The Ultimate Rolled Sugar Cookie (Yield - 40 large, 60 small) Ingredients: 1.5 cups salted butter (softened but not melted) … [Read more...]