The Lettuce Cake

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Father’s Day has come and gone, but I thought I’d share a couple little tips on how I created my lettuce cake… And please don’t hate me, but when I searched online, I saw nothing that inspired me… so I kinda just had to make it up as I went along, hence no pictures.  But I shall try to be as descriptive as possible!!

I used two six inch cakes about 2-3″ high each, plus one half dome (I use the small sports ball -which is about a 6″ surface as well) for the top. Bake whatever flavour you wish and fill and ice all three together on your cake plate. (It’ll look like a tall tower with a rounded top. See the picture at the bottom for a good sideview)

Now, I used regular fondant on the top of my cake, however, I later switched to modelling chocolate for the outer leaves and WISH I had done all the leaves that way, it just holds it’s shape much better for the frills of the leaves.  Here’s an image of the final product.. hopefully my tips below help you create your own!

10300772_814906045187174_6407025703776007756_nFor the top, I cut out 4″ circles and cut them in half, I frilled the edges with my ball tool  and started creating a rosette on top. Alternating the large “petals” around the centre and working out to create the centre of the lettuce head.

Once I got out far enough that it was just the sides showing, I rolled a long piece of modelling chocolate (cream/white) just longer than the height of the side of the cake. I rounded out the the top so it was the general shape of a flat piece of lettuce. I used the ball tool to feather the edges, and then used my impression tool to pull and create veining around the edges.  NOW, roll a long worm of modelling chocolate about a 1/8″ thick and flip over your “leaf” onto it’s front, so that the back is up, place the long worm in the middle of the leaf and flip it back over. Press a little up the “spine” of the lettuce leaf where your worm is to create the centre vein.

Place it gently on your cake, and repeat all the way around.  Alternating your leaves a bit, so that they look natural in their placement of being on the outer edge.

Colouring: I used my petal dusters.. This worked great with the modelling chocolate, I was happy to have left it white, as I didn’t have to try and make the spines of the lettuce look white after I tinted the whole batch green… However, it might be helpful to dust as you go, so that you don’t have to lift leaves and get underneath later on. Especially for top rosette.




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