Wedding Cake Trends for 2016

Congrats!!! That ring is sparkling, the champange still has bubbles and you’ve already cracked open your wedding planning book!! Of course you’re going to plan all that important stuff like a venue and a photographer, but what’s REALLY got you excited is CAKE. Yes…. that beautiful centerpiece in your wedding that will pull all your beautiful curated choices together. Tall and elegant, lighting the room with a soft sweet scent of butter and sugar… whether it’s covered in florals or trimmed neatly in ribbon, it’s you. You’ve made your statement in your wedding cake.

What you’re really wanting to know WHAT to order for your wedding cake. Heaven knows we don’t want to be ordering something SO over-done, but not toooo trendy that people raise an eye-brow wondering how they’ll eat it. So that’s where we come in. The cake-artists, who spend precious time scouring tutorials and a million wedding websites and magazines to bring you the best for the new season of weddings.

These are our predictions of what will the wedding cake trends be for 2016… a few old favourites, the classics if you will, and of course a few new hot wedding trends that will definitely keep your wedding as the event everyone was talking about.

Florals:  Ok so this one is nothing new flowers are always big in a wedding, but florals aren’t just taking the stage in your bouquets, they’re going everywhere. These hand painted beauties are taking center stage as soft and romantic. Inspired by watercolours and warm days, the hand painted floral wedding cake is a perfect edition for a spring or summer wedding. Dress it up with gold and a little shimmer or add black and navy to create some drama.

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Metallics: Of course your gorgeous ring has set the tone for this one, metallics aren’t just on your finger anymore. There are so many ways to introduce beautiful lustrous finishes to your cake and not just in silver and gold, but rose gold and a mix of metals. Adding a gold leaf teir or a metallic finish on some piped details will give your wedding cake that extra touch of glamour. Letting your guests know that it’s all 100% edible gold makes it luxurious.

11817199_1042063359138107_7045038191860769712_n  Kate_Spade_114 View More:
Free Form Florals: The flowers on your cake need not be placed exactly in a cascade or circling the top tier in a traditional oasis pattern. Incorporating fresh or sugar flowers in a natural free flowing design can bring life to a very simple cake. Take a leap of faith and go beyond the typical wedding florals. Succulents, textured greenery, unique flowers… there is so much beyond the world of roses in wedding floral design that can be achieved in both sugar and fresh.

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Naked Variation: We’ve now all been fully prepped on the naked cake trend, but is it a trend or will it truly become part of the standard cake life? It’s still hard to say whether it’ll truly survive as a staple, however it is safe to say that it’s definitely going to be around another year or two. What you can expect, is a vast variation to the standard. If you like the look of naked cakes but aren’t sure it fits your theme, make it fit! There are now half-dressed cakes, where some of the layers are more generously frosted with just a few tiers scraped back, baring a little cake flesh for you to see. Cakes dripping in caramel and chocolate and topped with beautiful treats are also on the rise and becoming increasing popular for weddings and other celebrations. It’s a subtle look that feels more polished but has a relaxed natural look to it.  Feel free to add more formal florals, or keep it rustic with herbs and fresh flowers. The possibilities are truly endless.

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A Touch of Whimsy: Theme weddings have always been around, but there is an added level of sophistication in recent years, which I believe can be contributed to Pinterest, and a whole array of ideas living on the interweb that are sure to tickle many a fancy. Whimsy does not have to equal tacky! There are many ways to give a nod to your theme in a fun creative way, or to a favourite past-time that you’re unable to address in another part of your wedding.  Here are some key tips: Try to imagine if you’d roll your eyes at this thought 20 years down the road; make sure the key colours and elements from your wedding are still in your cake; keep the shape formal and it will stop it from looking like a birthday party landed at your wedding. Whimsy can also be something outside the box like these hand drawn flowers with dripping copper, or a striking contrasting coloured cake.

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Mini Cakes & Sweet Tables:  Creating a table of delectable treats has become increasingly popular and is continuing to sky-rocket for the 2016 trends. A combination of a larger or group of larger cakes, surrounded by mini cakes (typically 2-4 servings in size), cupcakes, cookies, pastries and chocolates all made with a flowing theme. Beautiful “sweet-scapes”  give your guests a wide range of options and treats not only for the eyes but for variation in taste and texture. Whether you chose to have a fully symetrical table of cakes or a smattering of sweets of varying heights and sizes balanced on the table, your guests will thank you!

Kate_Spade_111  11699003_838859712876600_1984388067838164898_o  10540408_840471752630603_5915804569185766422_n  MF-IMG_9645


Whatever you are drawn towards remember that your cake should reflect you and your partner! The cake can beautifully reflect your love for eachother in a very very sweet way 😉 (pun intended)

Happy Wedding Cake Shopping!


Many thanks to the amazing photographers who took many of these images:

Photography by SSV

Simply Lace

Purple Tree Photography

Corina V Photography

Alicia Thurston Photography

Tara Noelle Photography

Emily Christine Photography

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